Since we’ve built up such a MASS of content, we thought that mayhaps some of you might want to be able to track through them based on a particular topic. Here’s a quick run-through of how we’ve broken these down, in alphabetical order:

Comics – Sort of the same thing as the old Ads we used to do, but with specific repeating characters. Mainly due to taking a writing break in early 2015, but some fun stuff came out of it.

Crunchy Living – This is sort of a catch-all, some of the funniest stuff falls into this topic, and weirdest.

Diets – We have tried them all.

Food – We eat weird, and not to be confused with diets. We’re talking living food with probiotics (e.g., kefir), sourdough, sprouted things, fermented anything, bone broths, juicing, you name it.

Holistic Medicine – All kinds of action here: essential oils, homeopathy, acupuncture, etc.

Interludes – Other than a few ‘other’ types of posts, most of our posts fall into the numbered category known as ‘Main’ posts. They’ve come out (without fail!) every Thursday morning since January 2014. However, sometimes, like when we change something about the blog or just have something extra to say, we’ll do an ‘interlude’, and those are also numbered. Sort of like an ‘aside’.  You can read these to mark the major life-changes within the blog itself.

Main – These are the main numbered posts mentioned above, none of the fluff.

Married Life – Almost all of the posts on this blog are a direct result of my married life, being married to a crunchy wife, but if ever we have posts that are just ‘normal’ married people stuff, not exclusively crunchy in nature, they’ll go here.

Natural Products – If the focus is sort of around a natural or ‘crunchy’ product, then we’ll put it in this topic.

Objects – Sometimes I just take pictures of stuff I find around the house, weird crunchy things, stuff I am subjected to. Weird stuff.

Other – A catch all for other weird stuff…check it out. I guess.

Parenting – This usually comes down to baby stuff that’s crunchy, like cloth diapering, baby wearing, etc.

Posters – Pictures, usually vintage-y or retro, where we make the figures say funny/crunchy/disturbing things.

Quizzes – We just have one quiz (at the moment) but I suspect we will have more someday.

Supplementation – Any kind of post about a vitamin or mineral product, something we add into our diet for whatever reason, crunchy or otherwise.

Zombies – This is a new topic, not crunchy, but then I’ve kind of been running out of crunchy stuff to write about. This is probably only an initial step in a larger expansion into writing about other stuff.  Don’t worry, you’ll still love it.

*Some posts may have more than one category applied to them as they might easily fit into more than one topic, but we tried to limit it so each of the above is going to have a fairly unique blend of content in it.

**Also keep in mind that unlike a SERIOUS blog, our treatment of said topics may or may not contain any RELEVANT information.

Just a heads up on that.