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Tired of Serious Blogs?

If you’re like a lot of people out there…moms mostly…you’re spending WAY TOO MUCH TIME reading serious blogs about healthy stuff and child-rearing. For example, do you lose sleep over any of the following:

– Flame Retardants?

– Diaper Ingredients?

– Leaky Gut Syndrome?

– Genetically Modified Organisms??

– Cancer-Causing Electromagnetic Frequencies???

Or maybe you’re just losing sleep because you’ve got too many kids co-sleeping with you, or you’re awake listening to them cry wondering if you should be co-sleeping with them. And all the while your husband is lying awake next to you wondering if you’re planning on co-sleeping with him for much longer…

Most blogs are pretty heavy, freaking you out over every little thing in life.  Also most are from the feminine perspective (nothing wrong with that, but there are a lot of them!).

The Crunchy Dungeon is quite possibly the only natural blog from the male perspective, and MOST CERTAINLY the least serious. We felt like there was a deep hunger out there for seriously less serious natural content.

Start by checking out our ‘About Us‘ page, it gives some helpful background and disclaimers. Also it helps you know where to start reading.

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