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The Crunchy Dungeon is written by me, Brian, and is mostly inspired by my wife Severine, her journey into the crunchy world, and its impact on myself and the kids. I may also digress into other topics, such as Zombies or Futurism.

Note that though sometimes it may seem like I’m poking fun at my wife, she’s totally into this project and reads everything before it goes live. I really truly appreciate her and what she’s done to help our family find healthier ways to eat and do life.

Just to make that clear. 🙂

A little more about us: Severine and I have been married over sixteen years, have three kids. We started out life together in Portland, Oregon but have since moved to Montreal, Quebec.

New to the Dungeon and not sure where to start? Unlike other blogs where the most current post might be the most relevant, you’re better off starting at the beginning and working you way through, like reading a book. You’ll find slight references to earlier content that if you read backwards you’ll totally miss.

With that in mind, you’ve got three potential starting points. You could start way way back at the very first post, The Crunchy Dungeon: Coming Soon! and enjoy all of the subsequent ‘Ad’ and ‘Object’ posts we did early on. Or you could jump in at the Pre-Launch Post #1, which is arguably our first ‘real’ post, or start with the ‘official’ first post, No. 1: The Dire Effects of my Wife’s Digression into the Crunchy Lifestyle.

Wherever you start, we hope that you enjoy the Dungeon, and if you do please comment and share!

Brian & Severine

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