Writing #7 – Tackling Productivity

A couple of years into this Crunchy Journey, I revealed that I (gasp) don’t only write about horrible crunchy things happening to me. Some of you clued into this on your own when I started to nerd-rant about The Walking Dead and made up a fan-fic Dominion game (both excellent posts, in my humble opinion).

Eventually I came out and just admitted it: I write other things.

And then I started this ‘separate’ series called ‘Writing’ that runs parallel to the ‘Main’ posts, 99% of which have a dominate crunchy / suffering theme. I sidelined these into a separate categories so that you could avoid them or cherish them, totally up to you. You can easily use the navigational bar above, go into ‘Series’, and then select ‘Main Posts’ and only see the main posts, or ‘Writing Posts’ to only see those.

Anyway, this past year I tackled ‘Productivity’ as a subject, and ended up writing and releasing a book titled: SCARY FAST: 7 Advanced Hacks to Boost your Productivity 1,000x

In so doing I hit two new milestones: I published my first truly full-length, non-fiction book AND I published my first book in print (excluding a few books that I self-published in print about a homeless guy named Jome, but he’s been on ice for like 15 years and I don’t count those because the print jobs were crappy and they weren’t for sale anywhere).

Anyway, it’s been literally 16 times as popular as anything else I’ve put out there, and a great stepping stone in terms of my writing / publishing ‘career’.

YOU: “Question…”

ME: “Yes?”

YOU: “I realize this thing you’re talking about is not crunchy stuff, or even geek stuff, but does it still have the same tone of voice I’ve come to expect and enjoy here?”

ME: “Yes, thank you for asking. It has short stories (such as the kind you’d find here) at the beginning of each chapter, and even some ‘dryalog’ mixed in certain places.”

YOU: “Dryalog, meaning ‘dry-humor dialog’, as in what we’re doing now?”

ME: “Yes. It’s a thing I do. So that’s in the book also. Makes learning about productivity more approachable and fun.”

YOU: “Awesome.”

ME: “Want to read a sample?”

YOU: “Sure.”

ME: “Here we go…”

It’s 1999 and I’m returning a stack of Science Fiction novels to the college library, and checking out a new stack of equal weight. The librarian looks over her glasses at the two piles and then at my face.

“Are you actually reading these?…”

I think she suspected I was just using them to build forts in my dorm room or to plan a bank heist. In her defense, I had been checking out a pile of books like this on a weekly basis for a month now.

It was unnatural.

“I’ve finished all my assignments,” I mumble.

With only this wildly unbelievable explanation to work with, the Librarian reluctantly allowed me to leave with a new armload of books.

But I was telling the truth. I had arrived a week early to my second year because my girlfriend at the time was a Freshman and needed to be there for orientation week. In retrospect, I realized I should have gone to orientation also. I was a transfer student (from that school in Chicago I previously mentioned) and I ended up not knowing where anything was or how anything worked. But instead of sitting through all of that boring stuff I went around and got all of my syllabuses from my professors (who were also skipping orientation and had nothing to do during this first week but talk to me), bought all my books, and finished half my semester’s reading before my first class started.

Again, this is before I knew I was using any sort of productivity tricks, I just really enjoyed getting stuff done.

And so by mid-semester, about the time when most of the student body was in tears over their homework, I was having trouble finding anyone who had time to watch a movie or even order a pizza. So I found new friends at the library, friends like Ray Bradbury and Arthur C. Clarke.

They were good to me, and we remain friends to this day.

(I also have REAL friends, thanks very much for your concern.)

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