No. 118 – Let them Eat Cake for Breakfast

It is now a regular occurrence that my wife eats cake for breakfast. It also happens sometimes that she decides that she would also like cake for lunch, and perhaps, a small slice after dinner while we watch Silicon Valley.

My children also find their cries for cake satisfied at all times of the day.

Now I know this sounds ridiculous, but before you stop reading you should also know that this is, to-date, the most successful health-promoting diet my wife has ever embarked on. And there have been several experiments over the years, many of which have been chronicled here in some form or other:






While we don’t currently subscribe to any of the above in full measure, each have, in some small way, contributed to our current way of eating. Gluten is frowned upon and avoided when possible, but not religiously. Dairy has been embraced and upgraded to the rawest form (legally?) available. Paleo foods and coconut oils are celebrated, along with all sorts of fats.

The only complete abandonment was the alternate-day or ‘calorie-window’ method, which now we believe is OK for men but terrible for women.

But not so terrible is this cake-thing. I have tasted the cake and it is delicious.

I’m not going to probably explain this 100% correctly, but it’s called Trim Healthy Mama (THM for short) and it’s based on the principle that you can’t eat carbs and fats at the same meal. You can eat whatever you want but you just can’t mix fats and carbs in the same meal.

This is not to be confused with becoming Jewish and eating Kosher.

And I think you’re supposed to avoid sugar and wheat flour altogether, which means, as you may have suspected, the cake is a special recipe that makes it not really cake, but in its defense, you can barely tell.

That recipe and many others are in the THM cookbook.

She’s been very happy with the end results, and it seems fairly sustainable, meaning she’s not given it up yet. The ONLY problem with this whole thing is that it excludes one of the major food groups in our home: Nachos.

The combo of chips (carbs) and cheese (fats) is a major no-no on this diet. I still eat them sometimes, but my enjoyment of them is pounded by the tireless waves of guilt that I feel while consuming them next to my Nacho-less wife. Sometimes she does reach over and take a chip or two, some cheating is (apparently) allowed…but it’s just not the same as the Martially Shared Nachos.

I am now a Nacho-Bachelor. 😦

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