Interlude #8

If you’re reading this now, I’m sure it happened to you.

At some point in the last 12 months you had this conversation with yourself:

YOURSELF: “Hm…it’s Thursday…and AGAIN I haven’t received an update from the Crunchy Dungeon. Concerning…but I’m sure everything’s fine.”

(checking online)

YOURSELF: “AAAAHHH!! The website is DOWN?? Whatisevenhappening??”

(panicked breathing)

YOURSELF: “Wait! Wait…calm down. Social media will know, it knows everything.”

(checking Facebook)

YOURSELF: “EUROPE? Who said you can go away to Europe and NOT WRITE MORE POSTS??”

(hurling phone against the wall in rage)*

OK, so maybe it didn’t go down exactly like that for ALL of you, but I’m sure some of you needed to go get your phone’s replaced.

And yes, we went away. For like 9 months, which means for just over 12 months, no posting on the Dungeon. Rather than have it stress me during this time away, I decided just to shut it down.

So freeing.

I didn’t feel like updating my author page either. Solution?

Shut it down!

Shutting things down was like a hobby for me last August.

But now we’re back, we’ve put most of our lives back together, and I’m finally taking a hard look at my blogging here and decided to bring it back online. Will I be posting every Thursday? Or even each week? No idea, no schedule. Why? Because (say it with me):

Shut it down.

YOU: “If you’re not really going to start writing this again every week, why are you ‘un-shutting’ the blog down?”

ME: “Well…let’s just say that my wife has had a lot of time to do a great many crunchy things in the past year…and every time something would happen I would be like ‘Well…at least I can write about this in the-‘ and then I’d stop, remembering that I didn’t have the Dungeon anymore.” 😦

So it’s back, and I have crunchy things to write about (including a post which I wrote before I left but never hit publish on?…my bad), but first, don’t you want to hear A FEW THINGS ABOUT EUROPE?

Yes you do.