Interlude #7

It has been some time…

Over four months to be exact. What have I been doing during this absence? Well I haven’t given up on writing.

The beasts must be fed each week, there’s no escaping that.

As you might be aware, I am, among other things, an active entrepreneur. You probably also are aware that we are homeschoolers. Or if I’ve not mentioned that before, well, there it is. And as a part of our educational array, we participate in a couple of co-op groups, one of which allowed me to teach an introductory course on business and entrepreneurialism these past eight weeks.

It was great fun.

But it sopped up all of my writing time. In order to make it interesting I decided to spend a portion of each class reading a fictional piece I wrote featuring a hapless man named Mr. Steve.

Mr. Steve is a blank slate, upon which all sorts of learning opportunities could be foisted and, simultaneously, the children in the class. In the end they learned something like 105 terms and had to generate a business plan of their own.

And as an additional result I now have an initial manuscript of about twenty-five thousand words, which I will throw into a hole somewhere to allow it to fester. Later I’ll draw it back out and turn it around into something I can publish.

But for now I am giving it a rest, and returning to other projects. I’m torn between a productivity book that I nearly completed over Christmas break (a testament to it’s contents!) or my long-promised (and technically already completed) initial volume of Tales from the Crunchy Dungeon…I just need to take the time to go over it once more.


OR! Give in to the temptation to give voice to a new project. That is always the glossy choice.

YOU: “Wait, what about the regular Crunchy Dungeon posts? Where are my stories of crunchy suffering???”

ME:Hush. I will write something crunchy for you soon. I won’t abandon you completely.” (patting on hand)

However I should give as a disclaimer that our new naturopath is really normal. Sadly, I don’t believe she will be providing me content for the dungeon.

(On the upside, I think that I’m finally going to find out what’s wrong with me and dial-in my supplement regimen.)

Additional disclaimer – I’m going to continue to pour more and more time into subjects other than the one that is usually highlighted here. I suspect that eventually I will migrate my posts to my author website, as it might be a more fitting place to tackle all of the monsters that lurk. But for now I think I will continue to putter around in here, at least for the summer.

I like my changes in the Fall.