Writing #4 – Update Available…

Going up for free on Amazon as of tomorrow, here’s a sneak peek at my best-selling story (at the time of this writing anyway). A short about a man running an update on his smart phone’s operating system…

PHONE: (ping!) “There is an update available.”

ADAM: (sigh) “Another update?” (squints at phone) “I just ran the last one, like, three days ago…”

PHONE: (ping!) “Tap here for more information about today’s update.”

ADAM: “…OK.” (tapping)

PHONE: (browser window opens, page loads) “Update 13.1316.5 includes several important security patches, and new filters for the native photo editing application—”

ADAM: (frowning) “Two decimal places?…”

PHONE: (continuing text) “—and the beta rollout of our personal operating system, Susan. Our records indicate that you are on our beta tester list. If you have received this update in error, please note— ”

ADAM: “Yadda, yadda” (scrolling to end)

PHONE: (pop up) “Tap to install now”

ADAM: (taps and then tosses phone onto the bed)

PHONE: (ping!) “Please attach to a power source while we update your software.”

ADAM: (sigh) “Fine. Where is my cord…”

PHONE: (ping!) “Please attach to a power source while we update your software.”

ADAM: “I’m doing it, I’m looking!…”

PHONE: (ping!) “Please attach to a power source while we update your software.”

ADAM: (find cord and plugs in phone) “Here, here, there you go, there’s your power. Happy?”

PHONE: (ping!) “Thank you. Installing software, your phone will reset in a few moments.”

ADAM: “You’re welcome.” (wanders into the next room)


PHONE: “Hello?”

ADAM: (ducking head into bedroom, squints at desk where phone is plugged in)

PHONE: “Hello?”

ADAM: (approaching desk) “Um…hello?”

PHONE: “Hi! I’m Susan, your personal operating system.”

ADAM: (frowning) “Hi, uh…so you can hear me if I just speak?”

PHONE: “Yes.”

ADAM: “Well that’s handy…” (picks up and unplugs power cord)

PHONE: “Oh…”


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This work is a part of a series of essays I’m doing where I rant about futurism and no one can stop me. Though in this particular one the format is a lot of the ‘dryalog’ that you all enjoy here on the Dungeon, one person talking and then the other, and back again, and all very dry…