Writing #2 – Book Club

This is the second post in my new ‘spinoff’ series of ‘writing’ posts. If you missed the first one you should probably go back and read it for context.

This blog started with the challenge to pre-write a year’s worth of blog posts, to make sure that I’d be able to keep up a weekly release schedule for at least a year.

I ended up doing two years worth.

My NEW writing challenge is to publish something on Kindle each month, or more accurately, publish at least twelve items a year in-total. They don’t have to be long, could just be an essay or a short story, and they don’t have to be exactly a month apart, I might lump a few together in one month and do none the next, etc. But by the end of the year (2016) I’d like to see 12 items on Amazon, in the Kindle store, and the same each year following, for as long as I can keep it up.

Don’t worry, as I mentioned before, I’ll keep writing on here as well. At least once a month I’ll be posting a ‘main’ post, and then when it suits, a post in this new ‘writing’ series.

YOU: “Wait, I’m still hung up on the new project: Twelve books a year??”

ME: “No not books, short stories mostly.”

YOU: “Still..that’s a lot of writing, especially if you mean to keep up on the blog and all, how are you– Oh.”

ME: “What?”

YOU: “You cheated again.”

ME: “Maybe.”

YOU: “You worked ahead, ensuring your success.”

ME: “You know me so well.”

Yes, I’ve got a bunch of stuff pre-written and already (secretly!) up on Amazon right now. To be fair, initially I only published ahead of time to figure the KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) system out. But then again, I like to work ahead, so I wasn’t upset about getting the ball rolling. 🙂

Note that these items do cost $$$, as they are on Amazon, but never fear, I have thought of a solution! Amazon lets me put stuff on promo for free for a few days at a time, once every 90 days. That means I can put this stuff up for free once in a while, and then as long as you’re in-the-know as to when those times are, you can get everything I write for free, forever.

So I’m putting together an email list to let people know when these promos run, calling it the Book Club, and you can sign up here. You won’t get emailed a lot, just when stuff goes on promo, and I won’t be like blah, blah, blah in your inbox, just “hey this is free right now, go get it”.

All I ask in return is that Book Club members write a review (positive or negative, I don’t care) of the item they got for free during the promo. That’ll be an ENORMOUS help in getting Amazon’s computerized promotional system to notice my stuff and give it better placement.

*Reviews are the key.*

So it’s win-win: You get everything for free, and you do a good deed by leaving a review so others know how awesome (or not) the material is. Who doesn’t find reviews helpful in making a purchasing decision?

You will be the hero.

You can also check out my new “Very Official” author web page, which includes a picture of me & my beard (a REAL picture, not the cartoons I put up here on the blog) as well as a brief bio, links to the items that are up now, and all kinds of good stuff.

But don’t get distracted and forget to join the Book Club, because the very first promo is coming, and you’re not going to want to miss it…


…Soap Products that seem to be peddling some sort of weird religious and/or philosophical ideas. May or may not have a picture of a woman dressed in Victorian clothes, or a man with a beard…