Writing #1 – Dry-Fi

YOU: “Wait, what? Why is this titled #1? Aren’t we on, like, #112?…”

ME: “Yep, mixing it up.”

This post isn’t me writing an official numbered post, what I refer to as ‘Main‘ posts (of which we’ve got 111 so far). Neither is it an ‘Interlude‘ post (of which we have 6 so far) which addresses changes to the blog, updates, etc. Instead this is a NEW kind of post, which I’ll title a ‘Writing’ post, making this #1 of those.

You can think of this as similar to when Batman comics do a spinoff and it’s like, still about Batman, but now it’s called The Dark Knight or Batman & Robin or The Bat Mysteries, or whatever, an they start off counting the new series at #1, instead of at #981 or whatever the old geezer is up to now.

My point is that it’s a spinoff series.

Don’t worry, I’m going to keep writing about ‘Life with a Crunchy Wife’ (and sometimes zombies) but now I’m also going to mix in some of these ‘writing’ posts as I do more writing that’s outside of the scope of the original mandate of this blog.

YOU: “So, you’re changing the blog? I have mixed feelings about this.”

Not changing, just expanding. But even if the subject matter is more ranging, 99% of the time everything will still fit within my same style of writing, what I’m calling Dry-Fi.

Dry-Fi is a mashup of dry humor, non-fiction, literary-fiction and sometimes, science-fiction.

Now that’s a big basket to include all those separate genres, I know, but if you’ve been reading with us for long, that’s just the best way to sum up my style. To be helpful, any work I put up will have a scale reference also, so you know what kind of blend your getting. Some people will want only what they’re used to here, crunchy dry-humor, mostly true stories (non-fiction) with a dash of hyperbole (literary-fiction). That’s what this blog usually churns out.

But I also have a pretty big Science-Fiction streak in me, which hasn’t been expressed here at all but that usually also gets mixed into my writing. Some of you will love it and some of you (e.g., wife) will not enjoy it at all, so I’ll limit the Sci-Fi stuff to only being in these writing posts so you can skip right over them if you like.

Anyway, so the scale will look something like this (for example):

50% Dry-Humor

45% Non-Fiction

5% Literary-Fiction

0% Science-Fiction

That’s the blend I usually use on my main posts.

Also I tend to do dry-humor dialog (dryalog) scenes that loosely reflect reality, formatted as such:

YOU: “Um…formatted as what? Oh wait, we’re doing it right now aren’t we…”

ME: “Yep”

YOU: “Fine, I get the idea.”

That sort of thing.

Anyway, lots more to come in this area as I’ve been working hard on some other projects, hope you enjoy the expanded purview and content!

Stay tuned…


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