No. 107 – Joverboard #2

By unplanned magic, we ended up making one of our triennial foraging trips to the U.S. shortly after writing the first Joverboard post. We do this a few times a year, literally hunting for healthy, affordable food to bring back to our nest to feed to our baby birds. Mental comparisons I make when thinking on our current food acquisition methods:

1. Stone Age Hunter / Gatherer cultures (though mostly gathering for our family).

2. Little House on the Prairie, when Pa takes the semi-annual trip to ‘town’ to acquire ‘store-boughten’ goods, such as gunpowder and white sugar for guests.

DISCLAIMER: We do not currently transport gunpowder across the U.S. / Canada border.

Anyway, this involved a run to Trader’s, which felt ironic because of the last post. It was like a field trip of sorts, and embodied much of what was highlighted in the original Joverboard post (and if you somehow still haven’t gone back to read that one I would highly suggest it or the following will be wildly out of context).

Here are some actual photos from our recent trip…going Joverboard:


Oh wait, I took that picture too soon:


Yes, there were two carts in the end. Also pictured: Our Son’s Claws*

*No, our son is not seated in the cart, half-buried by Joverboarding, though it certainly looks like he is.  He’s all grown up and standing behind the cart.

I swear.

Yes, in case you were wondering, Shamepasta happened:


There were items that tempted us to Jojomise that we resisted:


And those we did not…


But best of all, secretly buried in the bottom of cart #2:


FOUR different kinds of IPA…the glory.



ME: “OK guys, put your shoes in these bins…”

WIFE: “Here’s my purse.”

ME: “Got it…and that thing you’re clutching?…”

WIFE: “No.”