Interlude #6

Around this time last year I wrote Interlude #5, noting some of the major changes to the style and formatting of the blog.

About a year prior to that, I penned Interlude #4, celebrating a year’s worth of blog posts AND (here’s where I get to the point) claiming that in 2015 I would write less often (i.e., not every week) to pursue some other writing projects.

Subsequently I went on to write a new post every week (or at least post a crunchy comic) without fail, despite all my dire hand-wringing. I failed to fail at writing this blog.


BUT THIS YEAR I’M SERIOUS! I’ve already started writing more on the side, and I’m going to ramp that up even more as the New Year moves forward, meaning I’m going to post a little less often here, and perhaps more spontaneously, like maybe even posting on a Monday instead of a Thursday, if the fancy strikes me.

The fancy does what it wants these days.

So just a heads up, don’t think I’ve jumped off a bridge or anything if you wake up on a Thursday morning and there’s no Dungeon email in your inbox. I’m still alive, I’m just busy writing arm-chair futurism essays, homeless man epics, and yes, mostly true stories about my wife.


It’s all up for grabs…