No. 105 – 10 Crunchy New Year’s Resolutions

Some crunchy thoughts on this upcoming New Year…

  1. I am going to listen more closely to my gut. And I don’t mean that in the metaphorical sense, like where people say they’re getting a ‘gut-sense’. I mean I’m literally going to listen to what my gut has to say about what I’m thinking I’d like to eat. The other day I felt like nachos but my gut said ‘not yet.’ So I waited like 10 minutes and queried again, same answer. Finally about 40 minutes later it said ‘yes’, and nachos were enjoyed by all. Those little critters (your flora) know what they want. Listen to them.
  2. I am going to avoid eating any kind of carbs before noon. My body hates carbs before noon. Why do I ever eat them before noon? I don’t know. This fits in with resolution #1.
  3. I am going to buy more grounding pads. I’ve been grounded for the last few months but my family hasn’t. Did my wife use me as a test subject? Maybe, but then better me than the kids. And now that it’s been proven safe and effective, I think we all need to be grounding.
  4. I am going to replace more of our lights with those new LED bulbs that actually don’t suck. We don’t use any florescent light bulbs, haven’t had the chance to write about the evils of those yet but if you have any either get your old bulbs back out or spring for the new LED one’s…
  5. I am probably not going to do any more acupuncture this year…
  6. Or cardiologists.
  7. Or naturopaths.
  8. Though I am now seeing a homeopath…so I guess I’ll be doing that this year. Kinda hoping that doesn’t turn into a post.
  9. I am going to go to more spas. I know, I know, but I’ve had much better experiences since my first time FYI, probably due to avoiding any sort of ‘treatments’ involving bathtubs, bathhouses, towels, etc.
  10. And FINALLY, I am going to try and enjoy myself more this year, by doing things I like.

Like eating nachos.

But only after noon.


WIFE: “Pancakes?”

ME: “Um…”

WIFE: “With or without chocolate chips?”

ME: “Dang…um…”

WIFE: “Oh wait, I made you some with orange peal. You want the orange pancakes?”

ME: (whispering) “my favorite…”