No. 100! – The Very Best of the Crunchy Dungeon

We made it, 100 posts! Well actually we’re at like 109 with our pre-posts, interludes, and other other random items, but of our ‘main’ official posts that go out each Thursday morning, we made it to a hundred! πŸ™‚

This also marks about two years of blogging for us, and again I say us because though I (Brian) write all this, my wife (Severine) goes to helpful lengths to tortur– I mean, inspire me, as well as provide a critical proofing step which involves multiple layers:

  1. Typos and grammar
  2. Accuracy or lack-there-of regarding the ‘accounts’ of events I give
  3. Censoring (Not everything makes the cut…)
  4. Quality

That last one is important, she’s a good test reader. If I can’t make her laugh at least once during the post then I’m probably rewriting it, if there’s time (and there have been a few occasions where there wasn’t, sorry team).

As with all blogs, some posts are great, others aren’t, and for no explainable reason some are just really, really popular. Maybe someone famous tweeted about it? Who knows, but for our 100th post we wanted to give you guys an INSIDE view on the Dungeon, both in terms of the popular favorites (most viewed!) as well as our personal favorites.

AUTHOR’S NOTE – This post is sorta bonus-long because of the listicles, you may want to skim through these if you start to blank out.

The Top-10 Posts:

(by number of all-time views, as of the original date of this post)

#1 – No. 1 – The Dire Effects of my Wife’s Digression into the Crunchy Lifestyle – And the winner is…the very first post! Why? Because this blog reads like a book, and so many many people start at the beginning. Also it’s an excellent post and pretty much a must read if you’re going to understand the objectives here.

And there are sort of Easter-egg references all throughout which make the most sense reading forward from the beginning.

#2 – No. 40 – The Horrors of Organic Apple Picking – This post went mini-viral all on its own for some reason….people just hate spiders with their whole heart. Also it happens to be my wife’s very own favorite, though I didn’t let either of us pick stuff that was already listed in the Top-10, so it won’t appear again in her list. But just know:

It’s her favorite.

#3 – No. 80 – Blogs My Wife Reads #1: Holistic Squid – This was the initial installment of a mini-series I did on blogs that I ‘blame’ for making my wife crunchy. Thanks to some great promotion by Emily, her readership came to check us out and boosted this post to the number three slot!

#4 – No. 82 – Blogs My Wife Reads #3: Mama Natural – A close second in popularity in this series, again thanks to some great promotion from Genevieve & Mike sending their readership our way. πŸ™‚

#5 – No. 45 – What’s So Essential about Essential Oils – I had no idea this post was so popular until doing the math. And the sequel post Essential Oils #2? Not so popular…but to be fair that’s like one of the shortest posts ever. My wife was like “this one’s too short” and I said, “I’m going to bed.” See passage above about ‘not having time’.

Case in point.

#6 – No. 2 – Where It All Begins: Cloth Diapers – Again, a LOT of people just start at the beginning and work there way through the posts sequentially so this post has been really popular in the last couple of years. Plus you have consider that the older posts have just been around longer.

#7 – No. 60 – Water Kefir – NO idea why people like this one.

#8 – No. 81 – Blogs My Wife Reads #2: Butter Believer – Another blog review, another flood of viewers. πŸ™‚

#9 – No. 41 – How to Make Insane Bone Broth Soups! – Also a favorite that my wife wanted on her list, but again I made her choose something else. As a result I guess her Top-5 list is actually her Top-3-through-7 list…

#10 – No. 83 – Blogs My Wife Reads #4: Dr. Mercola– This is one of my favorite blog reviews that we did. I don’t think he ever found out we did this, but maybe someday, and then he would maybe send me a truck-full of free protein…or even put me on a free protein for-life plan!


Anyway, that’s the Top-10 from straight-up views. What didn’t make the top 10 were some our favorites, which is nuts, because these posts are GOLD. I’ll give you each of our top 5 and why.

Brian’s Top 5:

#1 – No. 3 – My First Visit to a Naturopath – So unbelievable this really happened. My very favorite story.

#2 – No. 5 – My First Visit to a Health Spa – Though this is a close, close second.Β  Also hard to believe this all went down the way it did…

#3 – No. 6 – My First Visit to a Canadian Hospital – A close third, really had to think hard how to order these. Also very painful experience, though affected me only indirectly.

#4 – No. 8 – Where Do Yeast Babies come from? – Classic Dungeon, leads into the Scobie stories that didn’t make the cut on my list but ‘Revenge’ made my wife’s.

#5 – No. 11 – Does Magnesium Help with Headaches? The Disturbing Truth. – Long pointless title but one of my favorite posts (early zombie reference before I really started writing about zombies!)

OK so here’s my wife’s list, adjusted due to the #1 & #2 being taken out, with my personal commentary.

Severine’s Top 3-7:

#3 – No. 52 – A Very Crunchy Christmas to All! – In retrospect this should have made my list…dang. So good.

#4 – No. 10 – Revenge of the Scoby! – Oh the worms…

#5 – No. 12 – Can Onions Really Help with Earaches? How to Wear Them! – Not sure if she finds this one so funny because it’s about her or if it’s actually funny. I guess read it and let us know…

#6 – No. 46Β  – The Upside to Injury – No question: This one is hilarious.

#7 – No. 33 – Changing a Cloth Diaper in the Middle of the Night (A Monologue) – A classic bit of writing I did years and years ago that was a big hit, pulled it into the Dungeon where it remains one of our favorites.

There you have it, the top 20% of the Dungeon, splayed out there for your enjoyment. If you’re new to the Dungeon this is going to help you cut through the fluff to get to the good stuff!

YOU: “Wait, that’s it? For the 100th episode you’re just going to list out the past highlights?”

ME: “Yep, looks like that’s how it turned out.”

YOU: “Didn’t you learn better from the train-wreck that was the final-ever Seinfeld episode??”

ME: “Yeah…you have a point. But we also have this fun dialog bit at the end!”


ME: “Everyone loves these.”

YOU: “Fine, but this isn’t making next year’s Top-10.”

ME: “We’ll see.” (squinting)

YOU: (petulantly) “It won’t.”


A preview of next year’s Top-10 list!