No. 98 – Blogs My Wife Reads #9: Cheeseslave


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Cheeseslave (READ: Cheese Slave) is written by Ann Marie Michaels. The blog is noteworthy in that it helped to popularize the ‘real food’ movement back in the ye old days, before it was a thing. My wife had included it in her list of ‘influences’ but when I went to do a review, low and behold, it was gone! Which was super weird because it was a pretty big one, but I figured “life happens” and it was gone for good. And turns out there was a good reason for it being gone, which you can read about here (click to read the longest blog post ever!).

But now it’s back, yay!

I just have to start off by saying, the name itself is heartwarming to me, I myself being a Slave to Cheese. Probably my favorite food in all the world is cottage cheese, though straight-up cheddar is a close second. Think pizza. Think nachos.


This would be a subset of my overall love of dairy, which I’ve talked about quite a bit on this blog as well. Probably has something to do with BOTH my parents being raised on (different) dairy farms, and from birth being bathed in a bacterial soup of cows and cow milk and cow milk products and bi-products. That got passed on to me some how, so that my biome just loves-loves dairy and cheese.

I feel like I’m digressing…what was I talking about…Oh yes, supposed to be doing a Cheeseslave review. Here’s a current screenshot as of this writing:

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 9.44.55 PM

It’s pretty pink right now. Not sure if the old build of the site was like this or if it’s a fresh look. I feel like it used to be yellow but I might just be thinking of Butter Believer…anyway, all the recent posts seem to be dominated by a single issue, some controversy about fermented cod liver oil that it just so happens that my wife was talking to me about TODAY in the car. So weird.

Without having to go into all the drama of it, basically there’s this group that helped popularize the Nourishing Traditions stuff, which includes a ferment-everything lifestyle, and they sort of pushed this fermented cod liver oil stuff, which was super expensive, AND it turns out, might also have been making people sick.

Now I’m all for fermenting stuff, that’s fine. But fermenting a fish oil? That’s just gross. Gross enough that my wife never bought any and (potentially) poisoned us with it in pill form, though I know she thought about it.

A lot.

But again it was also very expensive…so probably a factor in us not getting any. Already our supplementation budget is maxed out with my wife’s quarterly order. No room for rotted fish bits.


Poking around I found this interesting article about Magnesium Deficiency. See how the leaf is magnesium-deficient?

leafI’m guessing this is for comparison, if you look yellow instead of your regular color, you too could be magnesium deficient. Or have jaundice.

There is no way that I’m missing any mags in my body, not if my stools have anything to say about it…and hey speaking of stools, further down in the post there’s a poop chart!

poop chartMan, crunchy mom’s sure do love their poop charts

FINAL ASSESSMENT: General fats promotion? Anti-fermented fish stuffs? Cheese-Enslavement?? What’s not to like?! Well I guess there’s the poop charts…but that’s not a hill to die on. Approved reading for all wives. However recommend caution if lactose intolerant.

Enslavement to cheese might be an issue.



WIFE: “We need to start talking about the turkey.”

ME: (sigh) “OK.”