No. 96 – Husband Bloggers


(you’ll understand this later)

There are many types of bloggers. Just to give a few examples of the broad categories I’ve observed:

Entertainment / Gossip Bloggers (Message: These people are pretty)

Fashion / Style / Makeup Bloggers (Message: You too can be pretty)

Video Game Bloggers (Message: “All your bases are belong to us.”)

And then there are Mommy Bloggers.

What defines a Mommy Blogger is that they write primarily about mom stuff, i.e., Parenting, Meals, “Fun ideas to do with your kids while they are home during summer vacation so that you don’t Lose Your Mind”, etc. Handy stuffs like that.

And there are two major types of Mommy Bloggers, crunchy and not-crunchy, between which a cold-war of information is being waged.

More on that another time.

And then as a sub-set of ‘Mommy Bloggers’ there are ‘Daddy Bloggers‘. Probably only .05% of all mommy blogs are written by men, so not very many. And I put them under the category of being mommy bloggers because most of these guys are stay at home dads, basically writing on the same topics but with maybe a more “manly perspective.”

Where am I going with all this? To clarify an important point:

The Crunchy Dungeon isn’t a Daddy Blog.

It’s a HUSBAND Blog.

I say that because I don’t usually write about my kids, except in relation to my wife, and what she may be doing to them medically, nutritionally, or educationally. Mostly I just write about my wife, our relationship, our conversations, my suffering at her very crunchy hands.

If you are familiar with my blog, this is ringing true for you. If not, you should probably read these.  That’ll get you started.

Still not convinced? For comparison:

Exhibit A – Top 25 Daddy Blogs

Yeah, see? This blog is nothing like those. If I ever show up on that list someday I’m going to be furious with a capital F.

Husband blogger.

Is this the first-ever Husband Blog? Am I the only one? A simple Google search turns up mostly weird stuff…wives writing blogs about their husbands…I guess that makes them more of Wife Blogger…

Oh wait! What about this guy? ->



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