No. 93 – Walkers or Zombies?

AUTHOR’S NOTE – I know what you’re thinking, what’s crunchy about Zombies? Nothing, that’s what. They go from meaty to decomposing, never ever crunchy. BA-ding!

The wife likes herself some puns.

Seriously though, once in a while I’m going to probably go slightly off our normal topic range, due to a lack of suffering on my part. If I had something to write about EVERY EVERY week, I probably would be dead.

Or extremely healthy.

It really could go either way.

Season 6 of The Walking Dead (TWD) starts this Sunday night!!! <– Fanboy marks. Last Sunday was the finale of the prequel / spinoff show Fear the Walking Dead (FTWD), now there’s some sort of webisode thing…with zombies, on a plane? Like Snakes on a Plane, but without Samuel L. Jackson.

Or Snakes.

Now if you’re not aware, I will be the one to inform you: The Walking Dead is the most-successful, most-watched cable TV series of all time. Wikipedia says so. Every season so far has gotten a larger viewership than the one before it, and rave reviews from people who don’t even LIKE zombies or zombie movies. People like my wife.

For example, she hated watching the movie 28 Days Later:

28 days later(Not to be confused with the movie about Sandra Bullock’s menstrual cycle):


But my wife REALLY likes The Walking Dead. Why the mass appeal? I suppose the reason is that The Walking Dead and its spin-off aren’t anything like traditional zombie movies. Those would classically be considered horror, whereas TWD / FTWD are probably considered dramas.

High drama even, made much more dramatic by the never ending presence of zombies pressing their faces against a fence. Raises the stakes on that slowly developing romantic interest.

Confused? OK picture Downton Abbey, but with one of the main characters dying off each season and causing much weeping and gnashing of teething among the viewing populous.

OK, yes, so that’s already pretty much the way Downton is now. But now add in Zombies to the storyline as the reason WHY they keep dying.

Now you get it.

NOTE – It IS gory from time to time (TWD, not Downton) so it’s not for everyone, though I’ve heard rumors of a gory-free edit for normal people…not even going to Google it to find out if it’s true, just going to let it lie there as an unverified possibility.

Anyway, we’re pretty excited for season six to start, but…


…having just finished watching FTWD (where they go back to BEFORE the virus outbreak or whatever, AND if memory serves this is true in the first season of TWD itself) my ONLY beef with all this is that these people seem to live in some alternate world where the concept of a zombie doesn’t already exist.

Because if a zombie apocalypse started today, it would take all of 5 seconds for people to identify it for what it was: A zombie apocalypse.

But it’s like the characters aren’t even allowed to SAY the word Zombie. It’s all Walkers and Biters and whatever, and when they first see them it’s like they don’t know what they’re looking at. Sick people? Seriously.

So unrealistic.



Not about Zombies!