No. 92 – Blogs My Wife Reads #8: Health, Home, & Happiness

Health, Home, & Happiness

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Health, Home, & Happiness, henceforth referred to as Triple H, though not to be confused with the pro wrestler:

triple hOr maybe we should just go with HHH.

HHH is written by Cara Cormini, and according to the about page it focuses on incorporating healthy food, habits, and natural remedies into life. Here’s a shot of her blog as of this writing:

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 1.03.26 PM

It seems that my wife is into blogs that all discuss food. (Sigh) This makes for redundant research. One cool thing I found though is that she gives a tour of her kitchen:

berkey shotAnd Hey! They have a Berkey water filter on their counter! Crazy, I’ve never seen anyone else who does that. We did it for YEARS, before we got our RO system installed, we’d make everyone drink out of that and I’d go out of my way to say that I could pee into the top of it and safely drink what came out the bottom. And I’d sort of leave it ambiguous as to whether I had actually ever done that or not, for fun.

To be a good host.

I think I already wrote about that at some point…ah yes, here.

Anyway, she has a couple of ebooks, of which the first I found really interesting. It’s on pregnancy, birth, and early-year issues facing new moms, called The Empowered Mother.

the empowered mother ebookIt’s designed to help empower moms with information and help them pre-think through major decisions, decisions that you don’t want to make when you’ve just finished pushing a baby out of your body.

YOU: (screaming)

DR: “So did you want to wait until the cord stops pulsing…or…?”

YOU: (screaming)

DR: “Um…two screams means yes, cut the cord, and one scream means no.”

YOU: (screaming)

DR: “Was that one scream or two?”

Exactly, way better to sit down and read empowering passages aloud to your Doctor ahead of time. Or at least read it at home and tell you Doctor what you want…like delayed cord cutting, delayed Hep B, delayed everything please.

And yes I realize that most of the screaming is over by the time they’re discussing cutting the cord. Or possibly a great deal of drugs are involved, either way it’s not a great time to be making major life-altering decisions for your child. Hence the value of the ebook. If you’re still procreating you should probably grab a copy.

There’s even a testimonial for the ebook from our ‘Original Emily‘!

Other than that, the blog is basically a Grain-Growers of America’s worst nightmare of grain-free diets, GAPS, and all that jazz, which I can’t knock, because:

A. I love protein

B. GAPS has helped close friends of ours quite a bit, so we’re believers. Though I live in terror that my wife will make us do it eventually. This blog isn’t probably helping with that..

FINAL ASSESSMENT: Maybe I’m going soft on crunchy stuff (a man can only hold out so long, especially when the rations are so dang delicious!) but I think this is a fairly safe blog for wives to read. Unless you’re a farmer who grows grain for a living, or any other sort of gluten-based-life. Then this blog is your enemy. Recommend ebook for baby production and general caution for gluten-lovers.


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