No. 82 – Blogs My Wife Reads #3: Mama Natural

Mama Natural

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This blog is written by Emi-, I mean, Genevieve aka Mama Natural. It seems like it’s a full-time gig, no side job (other than raising a couple of offspring), and her husband is the tech wizard behind the curtain making it all happen:

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 4.21.03 PMAnd happen it does. They have put out some hilarious Crunchy themed videos on YouTube, the original which is coming up on something like a million views:


And of course the one from the husband’s perspective, my favorite:


Priceless. That one needs a million views people, let’s make it happen.

The high production quality on this blog is inspiring…and it’s great that they’re helping folks to laugh at themselves about being crunchy, a very important aspect of this lifestyle choice, lest we become crunchy Nazis or something.

But I digress.

The tagline for the blog is “Whole living in a processed world” (catchy) and there’s a dropdown of topics:

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 4.36.14 PM

Lots of crunchy stuff in there: breastfeeding, home birthing, stuff about eating organic and using coconut oil to pull toxins out of your mouth…which sounds vaguely familiar…possibly a suppressed memory there, possibly due to this very post…

WIFE: “Just swish it around for a few minutes…”

ME: (forced to swish)

WIFE: “And don’t swallow it.”

ME: “What? Why?”


ME: “Um…..maybe.”

WIFE: “UGH! That was LOADED with toxins, now the oils are going to carry all that right up into your BRAIN!”*

*Dramatized for TV


Thanks for that wonderful experience.

And then, what is interesting (and entertaining) is that most (all?) of the posts are actually a video, or include a video. And then there’s also some text, like an actual post, but the video is the keystone…this blog seems to to be more like a YouTube channel wrapped in a blog…like a taco.

A Crunchy Video Taco.

Concerning was the sheer number of videos devoted to pooping…

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 4.40.04 PMYes you can click on that and it’ll take you there…go ahead…no, I won’t judge.

This explains a great deal of conversations I have been forced to have over the years…examples being noted here and here.

INTERESTING CROSSOVER: Genevieve links back to Original Emily’s meal plan biz, which you can find here.

She also has a free ebook if you subscribe to their mailing list, as well as other free downloadable resources, like about how to have a baby…birthing plan I think that’s called. Hopefully includes a letter to give to your husband to explain to him why you want to have a baby in the living room, near his TV.

FINAL ASSESSMENT: The high-polish / low-serious nature of this Crunchy Video Taco makes me want to like it. HOWEVER, I am thankful that my wife had already had all of our children before getting to a blog like this one, which glorifies having babies in your house, not that there’s anything wrong with that, except that some husbands might be traumatized in the process. Recommend caution to husbands who have not yet had a vasectomy.



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