No. 81 – Blogs My Wife Reads #2: Butter Believer

Butter Believer

(This post is part of a series, for the series introduction and/or to begin at the beginning, please see Blogs My Wife Reads #1.)

This week we’re looking at Butter Believer, here’s a screenshot of the front at the time of this writing:

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 1.40.34 PMButter Believer is a creation of Emily Benfit, a writer who, among other things, focuses on the health benefits of butter.

*So far we’re in two for two for the name Emily (see last week’s post)…not sure if that’s a prerequisite for beingย  a blog my wife will read…time will tell.

The tagline is ‘believe in real food’, whichย  is a great line for this blog considering how butter is one of the most confused food-products out there.ย  Growing up in my family meant eating mostly margarine because it was ‘better’ for us than butter, a message that was so deeply ingrained that in our early-married, pre-crunchy days, my wife and I consumed vast quantities of a product called “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!” (to our great shame).

So out of the entire list of blogs I’m working through, I can say that I am MOST excited about my wife being an AVID reader of this one, because now we know better about butter and because I love dairy products. Fat, protein, they make the microbiome* that lives inside of me happy.

And they are VERY happy, because we are living in a butter Renaissance. Even the mainstream media has finally admitted it: butter is awesome (and by awesome we mean good for you).

time butter

This blog is built around that idea, and it’s not just about butter. Let’s look at all the good stuff here:



This post basically says that skim milk sucks and that you should be drinking the fatty kind.

Preach it.




This post explains how tofu is usually evil. Because it’s usually made from soy.

Which is evil.




And this has Morpheus on it, from The Matrix, which of course is one of my favorite movies ever (but not the other two, seriously people).

And it says we don’t have to eat Kale, which links to a whole article about how we need to CALM THE FREAK DOWN about eating healthy and balance out.

Which then links to a helpful ebook that Emily has written for us:

real food bookI really like the title because it references ‘going completely crazy’ which is pretty much where the Dungeon is trying to help people go: crunchy without the crazy. Maybe our blogs are soul-mates?

You had us at butter.

FINAL ASSESSMENT: While last week’s Emily was perhaps sucking people in from being normal to crunchy, I feel like this week’s Emily is working with ‘already’ crunchy people and trying to pull them back from the ledge. And telling everyone to eat more butter. That’s a team-win right there. Recommended reading for all wives (butter!) as an inoculation against extreme crunchiness.

*If you don’t know what kind of biome you have and don’t know what to be eating, you should probably take Dr. Mercola’s metabolic type test. You can do so here. Don’t know who Dr. Mercola is? Stay tuned, he’s definitely on the list. ๐Ÿ™‚



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