No. 80 – Blogs My Wife Reads #1: Holistic Squid

As this is the initial edition of our new series, I’ll take just a moment or two to introduce the subject and then we’ll get down to business.

In addition to reading books, my wife reads the Internet all-the-time. She’s an information junkie. Much of what my life has become I can trace back to this labor of learning everything.

FULL DISCLOSURE #1 – I am also an information junkie and enjoy reading a great deal and don’t hold this against my wife in any way.

But while I enjoy reading about the entrepreneurial exploits of Elon Musk and Tim Ferriss, my wife has a bent more towards the health and nutritional world. As a result, her studies have transformed our family’s daily experience in ways large and small, and of which you can read all about in the previous 100+ posts of this blog.

FULL DISCLOSURE #2 – Her learnedness in these areas has been a blessing to myself and the health and happiness of our family, regardless of how much I gripe about it, I am thankful.

That said, I blame a number of blogs, specific blogs, for these changes. And so, for the next while, we are going to forgo a study of my suffering, and instead examine the source, the root, of all of this:

I am going to review all the Blogs My Wife Reads.*


YOU: “What? You can’t review OTHER blogs, that’s weird, no one does that!”

ME: “I can do whatever I want, I live in Canada”

YOU: “Touché”

ME: “Ah nice one, did you study French in high school?…”

YOU: “What?”

OK enough of that, let’s get going…

*The blogs that I chose to use for this series include a mix of both old and new sources of inspiration. Though my wife keeps up with several of the blogs that will follow, inclusion does not necessarily mean that she is a current reader or subscriber, only that it was at one time, an influence in her crunchy journey.

Holistic Squid

This blog is written by one Emily Bartlett, an acupuncturist living in California. She has a link to her acupuncture practice so I immediately went to go check that out:

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 1.23.48 PMI thought that was a cool logo…probably it’s supposed to be interpreted as a sun…in California…however I am struggling to not interpret all of those lines as needles going into my face.

Maybe that’s implied.

Back to the blog!

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 12.42.48 PMUpon initial inspection, this blog seemed to be primarily about food. I wasn’t sure where the squid came in until I read the about page (see lower)…but right away I liked it. I think the squid logo is unusually cool for the type of blogs my wife reads.

Points for graphic design so far.

Holistic usually refers to some sort of eastern view of medicine…acupuncture fits there so that makes sense also.

The tagline is “kick ass at all the things” (sassy!) so for sure there’s more to it than just food, the menu has multiple dropdowns, each with lots of topics.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 12.51.28 PMHence, there’s a gazillion articles on there covering food, remedies, home products, things to worry about and / or what to do about them…seems like the goal is to cover just about all areas of life and present a healthier more holistic option of how to deal with them.

In the about section, it explains that the acupuncturing she does is focused on fertility issues, so there’s also food articles about fertility and pregnancy stuff. And it explains that the squid is a reference to how the blog goes all over the place, which makes sense, because it does.

There’s also two cool product offerings:

One is an ebook that details a way to treat eczema with diet and nutritional changes, boom:

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 1.09.15 PMThe other appears to be a meal planning service. You tell them what kind of diet you want to follow and you get meal plans with shopping lists, sort of a subscription thing:

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 1.08.35 PMAs I worked my way through this blog, overall it seemed like it wasn’t CRAZY crunchy…but then I found this:

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 1.16.09 PMIs that an umbilical cord shaped into a heart around some powdered placenta pills? Why yes, yes it is.

YOU: “What are you reading about tonight honey? (looking over shoulder)  I…OH MY WORD!”

I’m reconsidering their meal planning service now…

Seriously though, this is probably what we could consider a ‘gate-way’ crunchy blog, meaning it’s hip enough that your average non-crunchy mom is going to be researching, and find an article that addresses food allergies or something normal, and then slowly get sucked in deeper, which opens them up to falling into more hardcore crunchy blogs…next thing you know your wife is trying to explain Luna Birth to you and you keep slapping yourself to wake up from the dream that you think you’re having but you can’t because IT’S REALLY HAPPENING. YOUR WIFE IS REALLY HAVING THIS CONVERSATION WITH YOU RIGHT NOW.

Final Assessment: “Gateway-Drug” Blog, safe in small doses and will potentially result in more delicious and healthy meals at the table, however strong potential for ‘harder’ blogs to be a future issue. Recommend keeping wife under observation…


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