Interlude #5

Interlude time! If you don’t know what these “interludes” are you can read about them on our new Topics page.

Speaking of new pages, this week we launched a brand new build of the Dungeon, as you’ve probably noticed, since you’re here reading this. We launched it earlier in the week but didn’t say anything right away as there were a few aesthetic bugs to work out. It’s all well and nice to put a new theme on your blog but then, and only then, do you start to find all the little things that have gone horribly wrong.


This represents the third major revision of the blog, Dungeon 3.0. The original was on Blogger, basically sucked. The 2nd version was our old WordPress, the one that you’re probably familiar with, a massive improvement over the Blogger one but still sort of stark.

So now we have this new version, and in addition to the new overall look, we have added these additional features:

– The Home Page now features snapshots of multiple recent posts, looks a little more like BuzzFeed, and gives new readers a better initial window into the world of the Crunchy Dungeon.

– I’m pretty sure the whole thing is now built with HTML 5, which gives it that ‘squishy’ look, and you can see what the mobile version would look like just by making the browser screen on your computer smaller, etc.

– When on a page or post, there is now an active sidebar with a number of widgets running, which gives it a bit more of a traditional ‘mom-blog’ look, though we’re going to stay away from the line-vector cartoon header drawing of our family, thank you very much.

– We’ve re-categorized all of our posts and sorted them by topic, and added a topic page which now allows readers to read by a specific topic. We’ve got over 100 posts now so it’s no longer reasonable to assume that people are going to ever get through them all numerically, though you can read the ‘main’ numbered posts in order by going to the ‘main‘ topic.

– We’ve also added a couple ‘shop‘ options, including an Amazon-powered shop with traditionally crunchy items, including an ULTRA-CRUNCHY section, and a Merch Shop powered by Cafepress (a site I’d already been using to sell t-shirts for something like a decade now).

All in all, we’re very excited about the new look! Check out the new shop and topic pages and tell us what you think in the comments below. And again, if you find any glitchy or confusing things, let us know also so we can continue to improve the reader’s experience of the Dungeon. 🙂



We’re going to be starting a new Series this next week entitled Blogs My Wife Reads.

I think that’s fairly self-explanatory.

Yes, it’s going to be good.