No. 69 / Comics No.8

The LAST week of comics, get them while they’re still hot:

TCD Comic - On the Phone - Gluten-Free Pizza Guy

Domino’s, of all places, has gluten free pizza. We live in a golden age…


TCD Comic - On the Phone - Co-Op Farm Chairperson

Yep we’ve done stuff like that, extra crunchy points.


No “I Wonder” woman this week…

I should have called her ‘Wonder Woman’, but then DC comics might have sued CD comics* and it would have been super confusing for everyone.

*(Crunchy Dungeon Comics)


And as promised last week (or at least implied), the greatest “Here’s to…” guy comic ever:

TCD Comic - Here's To - Greatest Ever Mod

We love you too “Here’s to” guy…



There are many different parenting styles and many different kinds of parents, but perhaps the most intense do-not-cross-me parents are Crunchy Parents.

Why is this?

Crunchy Parents, like all parents, just want what’s best for their child. However, unlike ‘normal’ parents, what’s best seems to include a great deal of counter-cultural ideas…