No. 68 / Comics No.7

Nearing the end of the supply of comics, just a couple weeks left…

TCD Comic - Paying Attention - Napping

Mostly suppressed memories here…


TCD Comic - On the Phone - Saltwater Pool Boy

Apparently saltwater pools are a lot less work, great for your skin, and more ecological. That’s what we call win-win-win, people.


TCD Comic - I Wonder - Chapstick

This is true, and it explains why people who are addicted to chapstick go around begging people to find out if they have any they can borrow, like they’re bumming a cigarette. You know who you are…

YOU: “WHAT? NO ‘Here’s to…’ guy comic?”

ME: “Yep, all out of him, sorry.”

YOU: “But he was my favorite!”

ME: “Yes, he was everyone’s favorite, but he’s gone now.”

YOU: “Fine. See if I come back next week”

ME: “Oh you will…”



The greatest ‘Here’s to…’ Guy comic, EVER.