No. 64 / Comics No.3

The following are all the “I can’t talk right now” Woman, as promised:

TCD Comic - On the Phone - Placenta Encapsulator

TCD Comic - On the Phone - Low-Rad X-Ray Tech

TCD Comic - On the Phone - Mercury-Free Dentist

TCD Comic - On the Phone - Free-Range Preschool

You might have to go back to the first two comic posts to pick up on this, and possibly pay attention in the future, but they kind of tell a story. At least they are progressive, with regard to child-rearing.


Anyway, she’s in pretty deep. Deeper than us, though if my wife had known about eating placentas…well, let’s just say it’s for the best we weren’t crunchy back then.


We do use a mercury-free dentist, or at least he hates mercury. Something like that.  And our chiropractor has a low-rad x-ray machine, which I think was the original reason we started going there, just so we would have less radiation.




Comics No. 4!