No. 63 / Comics No.2

More comic-action while I’m away, writing (or doing taxes, same-dif)…

TCD Comic - Paying Attention - Money

I’m pretty good about putting cash into my wife’s wallet, so much so that one time recently she opened it to get some out to pay a friend back for something and, seeing there was none, frowned and said, “Hm…usually there’s money in here.”

Hilarious and concerning.


TCD Comic - On the Phone - Lactation Coach

Not actually that crunchy, most hospitals have these.

Doesn’t make it any less weird…


TCD Comic - I Wonder - homeopathic massage

Is this a real thing? I don’t think so. Not yet anyway.

So the answer to her question is probably no, it’s not covered. But how cool would it be if your health plan did cover imaginary treatments? Expensive-cool, probably.


TCD Comic - Here's To - Birthing Pool

This guy…this is the guy.  He was the fav from last week’s post. Again, we’ll put these up on Facebook for sharing. Like and share your favorites each week and we’ll know which ones to invest more time into!

Like right now we like the “I Can’t Talk Woman” so we have LOTS of those…maybe next week we’ll do a bunch of them all together. Could be awesome.

It WILL be awesome.



Comics No. 3!