No. 62 / Comics No. 1

Last year I took two weeks off from life to write a year’s worth of blog posts ahead of time, explicitly so that I wouldn’t find myself where I am now:

~Wednesday night, no post written~

Exactly. So in anticipation of this I did work ahead on an alternate project, creating a number of crunchy dungeon ‘comics’ using repeating characters, characters I will introduce to you today. And for the next while, I’ll be posting shorter posts and placing the weight of the content into these comics which add a more visual element to the blog. I’ve done these before, you can check them out here and here.

I have precedent!

However, I’ve never used them to replace an actual post, so this is new. But doing so will buy me some time to sit down and write up new stories, wonderful, wonderful, painful stories. Ideas I have been saving up in a spreadsheet, but so far it’s just been a busy New Year, it’ll be good to get time to sit down and make them real.

Anyway, on to the characters! First meet “Noted” man:

TCD Comic - Paying Attention - Processed

He’s always taking notes. The wife will change on these, but it’s always the same guy.  Is he unfaithful? Or perhaps polygamous? No, he’s simply a generic representation of every dutiful husband in the world. His face doesn’t matter.

What matters is that he pays attention.

Next meet the “I can’t talk right now…” woman:

TCD Comic - On the Phone - Home-Birth Acupunturist

She’s always busy, queuing up her next appointment, or chatting with some obscure crunchy specialist. And she wants you to know.

A little more modest, here we have I the “I wonder…” woman. She’s always a little preoccupied…

TCD Comic - I Wonder - Turkey 2

Finally we have Mr. “Here’s to…”.  He’s always toasting us, celebrating the little things in life:

TCD Comic - Here's To - Green Stuff

That’s the crew, they’ll be in charge here while I’m away, writing up new material…I’ll post each comic image on Facebook individually, be sure to share your favorites and I’ll know which to put more effort into. 🙂



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