No. 56 – Insane Bone Broth #2

If you’ve not already read the original bone broth post you probably should, you can do that here.

All caught up? Good.

So my wife starts going to the acupuncturist, herself and the kids, I’ve not been yet. And before you freak out, no we’re not having some stranger put needles in our kids, they use laser acupuncture when working with kids.

Yes. Lasers.

We’ll get to that next week.

Anyway, so not only is our NEW NEW acupuncturist filling my wife’s skin with needles, she’s also filling her mind with new ideas. Ideas about lunch.

Now out of all of the meals in our home, lunch is the closest thing to a responsibility that I have in the area of feeding. She does an epic job on breakfast and dinner, and she’s never really liked lunch. Cold food makes her frowny, and so sometimes lunch would sort of get ‘forgotten’ or at the very least delayed to the point where I’d end up making my own lunch (I work from home mostly) which slowly morphed into making lunch for the hungry-eye’d children that would stare at me as I ate, asking me about ‘their’ lunch (we homeschool, in case you missed that in the intro).

So lunch is kind of my thing, and I like cold lunches. Breakfast is usually hot-ish, dinner is usually hot, what’s wrong with a cold lunch? My Paleo sandwich, apples, carrots, grapefruit, boiled eggs, cottage cheese, cheddar cheese, pickles, olives, whatever, all that good stuff.

But I guess our acupuncturist is telling my wife that we need ‘warm’ food in the winter.  Additionally some of our friends have started doing the GAPS diet and my wife is sympathetically really into cooking GAPS stuff right now, so now the end result is that we’re eating a lot more bone broth based soups for lunch.

Like every. single. day.

And as I’ve said, I LOVE the bone-broth soup, I know it’s good for me and it tastes amazing, but the downside of this is that in order for us to be eating bone-broth soup every day, my wife is now never not boiling some kind of carcass on the stove.  Before when it was ‘done’, she’d bottle it up or whatever and that would be that for a few weeks. Now she just skims the gelatin and broth and whatnot off the top, adds more water and sometimes more bones, and then it’s right back on the stove.

It’s like she’s chain-smoking these things.

Oh and I should mention that it’s on the stove now for two significant reasons:

1. The stove has a vent above it that pulls the boiled turkey bone stench out of the house.

2. My wife has now cracked two crock-pots from Costco. Apparently you’re not supposed to use them in perpetuity.

Being that the vent on the stove is pulling 90% of the smell out of the house, that is a huge plus, but it’s like living at the airport. Day and night, the high-pitched scream of our over-the-range vent system eventually gets to me and I have to turn it off. Usually this lasts about five minutes before I run over to turn it back on.

The smell.

Finally I had to sit my wife down and tell her that, while I am enjoying the ‘warm’ lunches and ‘gut-healing-broth-soups’, I cannot endure living and working with an airport level of noise, nor the resulting smell if I turn off the vent.

I thought I made a good case (I will probably have to take my own life).

She made some good points (“the broth-ing will continue”).

Let’s just say that this is an “ongoing” conversation.

But I am not without hope, there is perhaps a solution on the horizon. I got my wife a pressure-cooker for her birthday and she’s been ‘experimenting’ with using it to do the broth-ing. So far things are looking good, the smell is contained (nothing escapes the pressure-cooker) and so no fan is required.  And as a result of the high pressure involved, it appears that the bone broth takes A LOT less time (and still is healthy, click here!).  Meaning we might not have to have around the clock production as a “forever” aspect of our lives.

“But, surely there are downsides” you ask?


The soup is now more powerfully tasty than ever. After Christmas dinner, I tried to sneak the leftovers downstairs to hide away, but my brother-in-law caught me and demanded a portion be ceded to his possession.

It was the season of giving…



A few weeks ago I had to listen to my wife explain to our ten year old daughter that she was going to be going to the acupuncturist. If you don’t know what that is, it’s  a place you go where they lay you on a table and stick you with needles.

My daughter was fully aware of what an acupuncturist was.

We are those kinds of parents.