No. 54 – Bad Science

Being from Portland originally, we take extra pleasure in watching Portlandia. They just put season four out on Netflix and the very first sketch in the very first episode was priceless:

Also painfully accurate of the crunchy lifestyle.

Thanks to the Internet, people have way, way too much information, loads of it being crap churned out by private interest research and guys just looking for a headline to keep the grant money flowing. Why not another video link? Yes:

The moral of the story here is that the guys in the white coats are just as likely to do bad science as they are good. Also that crunchy people shouldn’t overreact and start posting Illuminati manifestos.

“Yeah, but Dan Brown says that…”

Don’t listen to Dan Brown. Seriously people.

Amazingly funny example of this is a post that a sleep deprived mom wrote and has since gone viral, if you haven’t read this yet, you must. You can find it here.

Wait, did you just skim over that link? You have made a terrible decision. Go back and read that.

If you have ever lost sleep to a baby, you will thank us.

Or cry a little bit.

Maybe both.



Milk is a staple in our home. Already there have been a couple of posts on milk and dairy, that sort of thing, but a big issue that I’ve not addressed yet is HOW we get our milk.

That is a complex thing.