Interlude #4

Author’s Note – You may have noticed at the end of last week’s post (No. 52) that originally, this post was going to be No. 53, but then I had a great idea for New Year’s Day and opted to keep this as an actual ‘interlude’.

No. 53 will come out on-schedule as an actual ‘main’ post in a couple of days.

Given that this was predominately a one-year project, now completed, the future of the Crunchy Dungeon can take a few different paths forward. I have some ‘for-sure’ plans that I’ll discuss here, as well as some potentialities…

First I should say that this year has been awesome, so much fun. We’ve gotten a lot of really great feedback and our audience is growing. We have no intentions of shutting this down.

However, there are some other writing projects that I (and we, Severine and I together) would like to pursue. That’ll take away a bit from the Dungeon since, though I did pre-write almost everything, there was still a significant amount of work in polishing, posting, and correcting throughout the year. Also, figuring out Blogger, only to migrate to WordPress. Doing all the header images and affiliate links to related stuff on Amazon, all extra work above and beyond the initial writing.

SO, while we will continue to post to the Dungeon, it probably won’t be as regular as every-every week. More likely it’ll be as new horrors are visited upon myself or the family that have some crunchy connection. Posts will come as inspiration hits and time allows. We may also break up the format a bit and do some more varied content pieces.

If you’d like to be clued into what new projects we’re doing, you’ll just have to stay tuned. Secrets are more motivating then when you blab your plans out on the Internet! 🙂

Thank you again for your support in our first year, please continue to share the crunchy joy of the Dungeon with friends and family!

Happy New Year!

Brian & Severine


Since the original drafting of this post, new ‘horrors’ have been visited upon me at such a rate that, at least for the foreseeable future, these are going to continue to be weekly.



We now have the main domain set to so URL’s look a lot cooler (old ones should still work). Also we have taken the old Blogger version down finally.  Only robots were reading it.