No. 49 – Got Worms?

As I’ve mentioned before, for better or for worse, the whole natural world tends to take a ‘holistic’ view of things, often meaning two things:

1. If you can just begin using / doing ABC, then everything that’s wrong in your health will click into place.


2. All of your issues are really manifesting because of this one central issue, XYZ is the root issue.

If I had a dollar for every time I heard the words ‘root issue’…

Recently, I believe in part thanks to my original naturopath, my wife got it into her head that my ‘root issue’ was possibly parasites. Probably from the cat.

This initiated a very unpleasant period of imposed stool inspections (and mandated reports):

WIFE: “How was it today?”

ME: “How was what?”

WIFE: “You know what.”

ME: “I don’t want to talk about it.”

WIFE: “Anything moving?”

ME: “No.”

WIFE: What?

ME: “I said, NO!”

WIFE: “……are you breaking it up at all or are you just sort of doing a surface inspection?”

ME: “Yes, yes, I broke it up! I have to go take my herbal treatments now, this conversation is over.”*


I was on an intense regimen of herbal extracts specifically targeting my writhing swarms within. I was also on diatomaceous earth, and bowel pathogen nosode (a homeopathic thing).

AUTHOR’S NOTE – Never at any time did I actually confirm through stool inspections that I did have, or have had, parasites. Just to make that clear.

That said, taking all of these items did eventually make me feel better (vomiting issues, see this post).

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Even now as I write this, I think to myself, would it be all that bad? Lots of people are doing it. I’ve been aware of it for a while now, it seems almost more normal…