No. 44 – Stevia TV

It is my general impression that crunchy people don’t watch a lot of TV.

In our home, we usually just Netflix a show (one at a time) until it’s run its course. No live TV for us unless it’s an event like the Olympics, Super Bowl, or New Years Eve. Basically if you can’t capitalize the name of the event and put a number on it like ‘XXLVII’ or ‘2015’  then we probably won’t watch it live.

But in the TV shows we do watch, we’ve noticed something: Crunchy is making its way onto TV, and it’s usually not the hero.  Just look at who’s using stevia:


This is Lydia, the girl from Breaking Bad who is always asking if they have stevia for her tea.  Of course they don’t, but she asks anyways. And then of course, has brought her her own, in her purse, because seriously, what restaurant has stevia? None. The government won’t allow it to be labeled as a sweetener because the Sugar Farmers have lobbyist working the halls of Congress, paid for by sugar subsidies. It’s a closed system.

The Sugar Farmers know what they are doing.

Anyway, she’s not a good person. Even a little crazy maybe.

Subliminal TV Message: Crazy people use stevia.

And carry it in their purses as an act of civil disobedience. We had a good laugh at that, because my wife carries little packets of stevia just like Lydia’s in her purse. Not a crazy-laugh, just a normal, healthy laugh.

Moving on…look who else is using stevia on TV:

louis litt

Yeah this guy, Louis Litt from Suits. Also a little crazy, or at least super weird. (I should note at this point that both of these shows are unbelievably awesome, despite their slander of stevia users).

Wait, you don’t know what stevia is? (Sigh) It’s a non-sugar natural plant-based sweetener that has been used safely in Japan for like 50 years. And unless you consider playing video games and reading comic books as an adult a problem, there have been no negative observable side-effects for their culture.

FYI, some brands can have a bitter aftertaste, lots of people are turned off right away by only trying the garbage kind (conspiracy?) but if you get a really good kind it’s amazing and life-changing. Just use a very, very, very small amount or it’ll be a crazy party in your mouth.  That can also be a turn off, putting a spoonful into your coffee and having a Willy Wonka factory-visit level reaction.

Want your own non-sugar sweetener? Yes you do. This kind rocks:

 stevia 2



Anyway, essential oils were always this OTHER thing. My wife would actually block it out of her mind as she came across articles and whatnot because she didn’t want to begin thinking about it. Because if she did, she knew that she would fall into a deep dark pit of study that would change everything and that there was no going back once she started. It’s a whole other world.