No. 42 – How to Ruin Nachos !

There was a phase we went through at one point as a married couple where every night we would batch up a couple of plates of nachos (organic chips, organic cheese) and a bowl of salsa (organic) with sour cream (organic) and perhaps a bit of hummus (not organic?).

Organic doesn’t make it OK, but it does make it delicious!

My French from France Mother-in-Law came to stay with us for a like a month and got sucked into our nacho-vortex (the most amazing kind of vortex one can be sucked into, by the way). She now claims her metabolism has been permanently altered by our ‘American Diet’.


But yes, we had a problem. And then one day, totally out of the blue for no discernible reason, the urge was gone for both of us. It was so weird. Just like the day that Texas Hold-Em suddenly seemed boring to the both of us on the exact same night.

We’re so in-sync!

But before we gave up nightly nachos, there was a brief ‘dark period’. In that time, my wife, perhaps in an attempt to balance out what was probably a naughty habit, began the forced sprinkling of wheat-germ onto our nachos. Wheat-germ was the flavor of the month in our house at that time, and I found it in (or more usually on) almost everything I ate. Which I didn’t mind so much, it was part of what I had learned to endure.

But when the wheat-germ began messing with my NACHOS! That is where I drew the line. After a few weeks of suffering through nachos that tasted like they had…had…wheat germ on them, I gave her a Nacho-Ultimatum.

I don’t remember exactly what I said but it was powerful enough that  she agreed and we discontinued the ruining of our evening nachos. The glory had returned.

Today we still have nachos once in a while, at night, not every night, maybe just once a week, if that. Kind of comes and goes, like an old flame that keeps calling you on the phone and then hanging up without saying anything.

I still love you Nachos.

Author’s Note – My wife now tells me that she no longer considers wheat germ a healthy food additive.  Please do not use this article to justify needlessly punishing yourself or your family.



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The Man knows what he’s doing.