No. 41 – How to Make Insane Bone Broth Soups !

As I write this, my home smells like chicken. Not in a “Oh what a nice fried chicken smell” or a “I’m so hungry for dinner” smell. More like a “Who’s body are we trying to boil into mush to cover up their murder?” smell.

Apparently chicken broth is healthy for you, and the only way to make really good, really healthy chicken broth is to temporarily destroy the sanity of your family by boiling a dead chicken carcass in a crock-pot for three days straight.

Yes, yes, the soups that she makes with this broth are to die for, or even kill for. Guests regularly demand that some be given to them to take home. No one has ever held a gun up to our heads on this, but then we’ve never pushed them that far by refusing. I can only assume that the gun was present, but deemed an unnecessary escalation of an otherwise simple soup requisition.

So yeah, it’s worth it, but three days? More recently my wife, upon further consultation with the Internet, has learned that perhaps three days was a bit of overkill.

My wife is all about the overkill.

The reason that you want to make your own broth is so that you get the bones in there and boil the gelatin out of them. This is what puts the ‘healthy’ into the equation, getting at that gelatin. This is also probably the cause of the sweaty chicken flavor that permeates the house and wakes you up at night.

To get at the gelatin you really have to cook it for a long time, and my wife figured more is better so she was going for 72 hours at a time on this action.  Turns out 24 hours is more appropriate.


Now I can have my soup and only ONE day of chicken rot smell to deal with (I work from home mostly). However I do have to deal with the rules regarding chicken bones and steak bones and pretty much all kinds of bones in our house, namely that they are not to be thrown away but put into a disgusting ziplock in the fridge.

This is also done with all juice-able items, such as water melon rinds, apple cores, etc. As a result we have the fridge of a serial killer, all manner of strange items in zip-locks, staring at guests in the face as they look for cream for their coffee, making them second guess their private decision to hold us up for some of that mind-blowing soup they just enjoyed. But most decide it’s worth the risk of being chopped up and added to little zip-locks in our fridge.

Yes, the soup is that good.

Want to make your own insane bone broth soups?

Step One, Make Broth:

Step Two, Turn Broth into Epic Soup:



My French from France Mother-in-Law came to stay with us for a like a month and got sucked into our nacho vortex. She now claims her metabolism has been permanently altered by our ‘American Diet’.