No. 39 – Natural Shampoo that Really Works !

Not only have I been asked to give up the deodorants of the central isles of the grocery store, so also I have had to forgo the myriad of shampoos and conditioners that live there. Not a possessor of much hair at this stage of my life (it all seems to be snow-birding its way south on my body, like old people moving to Florida with age) I was a lot less disturbed by this restriction.

We are now primarily what you would call a no-poo family, which doesn’t mean what it initially sounds like, and of course the children have a great deal of fun with this. Why children love potty jokes as much as they do…one of the great mysteries.

Being no-poo means that you’ve given up using traditional commercial shampoos and turned to washing your hair with baking soda and rinsing with apple cider vinegar. FYI there’s a bit of a transition period for your head, it can overreact and get a bit greasy for a while, at which point you will be violently tempted to bail out. But it’s much like growing a beard, you have to press through the itchy phase to the glory over the hills.

And if you should make it over those golden hills, the amazing thing about getting rid of shampoo is that all of those problems you had with your scalp go away. My wife reported even that her hair got thicker than ever before.  Which is an interesting point, that commercial shampoos work so hard to ‘thicken’ your hair with chemicals, but actually weaken the hair, whereas if you just ditch that stuff, your hair will potentially thicken on its own just because it’s healthy for once!

Nothing like a product that actually does the opposite of what it’s supposed to…keeps those customers coming back forever!

AUTHOR’S NOTE – My hair has continued to fall out. This is not a remedy for male-pattern baldness. The only real treatment for that condition is estrogen, which you can acquire by eating large volumes of GMO Soy, available in most processed foods today.  Best of luck to you.*

*Note that other changes to your body may occur. The Crunchy Dungeon and it’s affiliates cannot be responsible for any gender confusion resulting in acting upon the information provided above. Use Commercial Soy Products with caution. Always consult your Doctor before eating soy.



However if you don’t spray your fruit with SOMETHING then worms will get in there and destroy your crop.  No one wants to eat worm & apple pie, however much worms might represent an ethical and renewable source of protein.  We’re just not there yet.

Not even crunchy people.