No. 31 – All About Grounding

When people first learn that you’re crunchy, you get different reactions.  Part of it depends on HOW they learn of this.  If they see you buying organic food, that’s almost hip now, you’re still mainstream.  Crispy maybe, but not crunchy yet.

Baby wearing?  Controversial, but not out of the normal, particularly if you’re in Portland, Seattle, Austin, Montreal, or anywhere in California.  The same could be said for cloth diapers (modern variety, see original post on cloth diapers).

But it’s the other stuff…when little girls are wearing actual dresses, made by hand, without Disney characters on them.  Or when you’re at the store in the middle of the day and you’ve got your kids with you because you homeschool.  Or when you have dinner guests and they see your symbiotic life form in the pantry drinking tea and spitting out Kombucha…that’s when the judgement can start to kick in.

So it’s all the more important that you appear normal and sane, in all the little ways, right?  Like not walking around barefooted like a hippy, or covered in dirt.

So you can imagine my distress when my wife begins to encourage our children to run around outside without any shoes on so they can get ‘grounded’ (to the earth, electrically) which is supposedly good for you, amazing for your health, etc.  Our kids are coming inside looking like they’re home schooled and homeless, not a great combination.

I guess the way around looking like a total hippy is to buy these grounding sheets that you plug into the wall and then stand on and / or put in your bed.  On the plus side if you get struck by lightning (while in your house?) you should probably be fine because you’re grounded (or maybe that’s worse?).  Downside is that you look like you’re waiting for the mothership to pick you up.

AUTHOR’S NOTE – We have not yet, at the time of this writing, invested in grounding pads.  However I can assure you that “It is of the highest priority in our home.”

Maybe it’ll be amazing, we’ll see.  But I’m definitely not going out in public with these…



This is especially fun to do, just because nothing gets attention like a bearded guy clearing the shelves of water.  Suddenly everyone around you is thinking to themselves, “What does this guy know that I don’t know?”  If I owned a water store, I would just pay people to pretend to shop for water and try and get a run on water going.  Every day.