New Updated Quiz !


Sometimes it’s hard to know when you’ve crossed over into what it truly means to be Crunchy, so we’ve developed this helpful quiz for women to self-diagnose.

NOTE TO WOMEN – If you’re not sure about your diagnosis, you can cheat and try and make yourself more or less crunchy by lying.  It’s no big deal.

NOTE TO MEN – You can take it also but some of the questions are still female dependent (childbirth?) so you may want to imagine yourself as a women when taking the test, or answer for your wife or family, versus just as yourself.

NOTE TO HUSBANDS Not sure if you’re living in a Crunchy Dungeon?  This test can help diagnose your situation.  WARNING: If your results say ‘Crispy’, this is a sign that you are very, very close, but that it’s not too late, you can still save yourself.


And the children.


If there’s time.





NOTE TO CHILDREN – Your father loves you and wouldn’t really leave you behind.  Stop crying.