Interlude #2

Half way through our 52 week year with official post No. 26 going live tomorrow (that’ll be June 26th, 2014 as of this writing), it’s time for an other interlude! To celebrate our halfway point there are a few things to note:

1. We’ve migrated from Blogger to WordPress! If you’re reading this post on blogger you totally need to click here to continue reading this post on our new site. Also No. 26 won’t be showing up on our old blog, and eventually we’ll point all those links over here.

Just catching up to where you were on the old blog? Doesn’t this new blog look better? Yes, yes it does. And probably is a little easier to navigate than the dynamic views theme we used on blogger. Should load a lot faster at least.

2. Now all posts have large post-specific images. We toyed around with this a bit on social media but now every post has its own illustrative image. You may want to go back and check those out if you’ve already read all the old posts. If you’re totally new to the dungeon (welcome!) then you’re in the wrong place. You need to treat this more like a book and start at the beginning.  Actually, we have like three possible beginning points, maybe you should start with the ‘About Us’ page and from there it gives you your options as starting places.

3. All New ‘How Crunchy Are You?’ Quiz! We’ve rewritten and reposted the Crunchy Quiz. We’ve expanded the number of questions to include a broader section of topics, and we’ve ditched the flash-quiz and just made it an unprogrammed post, like a quiz you’d take in a magazine. Which is also cool because then you get to total up your own results and see all the possible answers, whereas before you had to take the quiz more than once and fake your answers to see the other possible results, which was dumb. Sorry about that. Also people on iOS couldn’t do it because it was flash. So yeah, that’s new and improved.

4. New Crunchy Dungeon Ads for sharing! Now’s a great time to share the Dungeon with friends, now that it’s 200% more awesome than ever before and, like promised, it hasn’t ditched after just a few posts and left you hanging. We’re here for you. Share the joy!

OK that’s it for now, let us know how you like the new look, comment below!