Interlude #1

Notes on the initial two series:

If you’ve been following along you may have noticed that these last four posts have formed a series of ‘firsts’. Before that we had sort of an introductory series.  Much of this year will be grouped in to such runs of posts.

If you’re just discovering the Crunchy Dungeon, here’s a quick recap of where we’ve been thus far:


Pre-Launch Post #1 (pre-Introduction to the blog, just to give a hint of where it was going)

Pre-Launch Post #2  (just after Christmas, last pre-official-launch post item)

No. 1 – The Dire Effects of my Wife’s Digression into the Crunchy Lifestyle (the real intro)

No. 2 -Where it all Begins: Cloth Diapers (additional intro material, first real topical post)


No. 3 -My First Visit to a Naturopath (the most popular post thus far, as of this posting)

No. 4 -My Wife’s First Visit to a Naturopath (classic)

No. 5 -My First Visit to a Health Spa (less crunchy but also a very popular story)

No. 6 – My First Visit to a Canadian Hospital (the most recent post as of right now)

This last Thursday was the epic conclusion of our ‘firsts’ series, this coming Thursday we will begin a  ‘Living Food’ Series, and dive deep into the dark center* of the crunchy movement.

*Read: Centre (for you commonwealth folks)

I was going to post this interlude earlier in the week but here we are, cramming it into the blog just before the next post. (sigh) Interludes weren’t a part of the original plan, but I think they will serve as helpful guideposts to new readers.

After another couple series I’ll post one again.