A very Merry Christmas to everyone! We’re just one week away from the official launch of the Crunchy Dungeon, next Thursday the first official post will come out, probably I’ll schedule them to post at Midnight on Thursdays, like at 12:01 AM or something fun like that. And we’re on the east coast so that means for those of you who are on the west coast you’ll get to enjoy them on Wednesday nights starting at 9:01 PM.

How nice for you.

But we used to live in Portland, Oregon so we love west coast folks and are sensitive to all of the benefits of living three hours behind New York time (i.e., watching the ball drop live at 9:00 PM with your kids and then sending them to bed so the adults can watch it again at Midnight child free!).

We’re working on building our audience pre-launch, have you shared about the Crunchy Dungeon yet? NO? What have you been doing? Celebrating Christmas with your family? I guess that’s understandable…

But now you’re in that weird post-Christmas lull leading up to New Years Eve, you feel kinda low, all your glands are tired of being happy and your new presents have already begun to lose their luster, your body is angry about all the food you ate that you shouldn’t have, and the only real important thing you have on your schedule today is to stand in line at Sears to return that ratchet set you didn’t need, but instead you find yourself at Best Buy looking at Boxing Day Sales on TV’s (think Canadian Black Friday)…not that you’ll get one with the $20 gift card you got in your stocking, but you can dream right?

Anyway, since you’re kinda free right now (I mean you’re reading this right?) it might be an ideal time to share the Dungeon with anyone else out there that you know would enjoy getting in on this action when it launches for-reals next week.

Or just post it to your Facebook page or social media outlet-of-choice, and be sure to let them know how you feel about it. If you’re not sure how you feel about it, consider one of the follow example feelings:

“Can’t wait for the Crunchy Dungeon to start next week!”

“REALLY looking forward to the Crunchy Dungeon”


“Can’t wait to hear this jerk write about his wife…”

“REALLY concerned about where the Crunchy Dungeon is going…”

There’s a whole range of feelings there to choose from, OR make up your own feelings. The important thing is that you chose to act. Isn’t that one of your New Year’s resolutions anyway? Be more active?

Take action, share the Dungeon!


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