We are just two weeks away from the official launch of The Crunchy Dungeon! Very very excited, this is going to be a super cool year. There will be a fuller introduction posted our first week in January (this is just a pre-post, so nothing fancy yet) but here’s a quick rundown of what to expect:

There’ll be a new post every Thursday in 2014, first one is scheduled for January 2nd. The overall theme of this blog is my suffering. Over the course of our marriage as my wife has gone deeper and deeper into the crunchy lifestyle there have been consequences, significant consequences.  For example:

My lips have not tasted Mt. Dew in in YEARS, not since it was forbidden. Apparently it was committing war crimes against my thyroid, and apparently your thyroid is something you need (as opposed to your tonsils, etc.).

Our grocery budget line is now larger than our mortgage payment…much larger. (Just let that one sit with you for a bit…) Apparently ‘real’ food costs money.

I am regularly forced to watch documentaries, and often ones that are only ‘free to watch for a limited time’, so there is rarely any warning when they will come.  Suddenly it will be like, “We have to watch this by Midnight tonight or it won’t be free anymore!”  So then I am setting aside my carefully planned evening of watching a movie with a plotline involving vampires (not the girly kind) and instead am staying up late ‘learning’ about the evils (or benefits) of XYZ and then invariably ‘debating’ this new information well into the wee hours of the morning. Potential docu-subjects may be as follows:

•    Insulin

•    Gut Flora

•    The Evils of GMO Soy (or GMO anything, or just the evils of regular soy, it can go either way)

•    Really radiantly healthy people with radioactively bright skin and hair gushing about eating raw, juicing, or probably both.

Yes so you get the picture. Life-changer. That’s what this blog is going to be about. Think of it as a survival guide for husbands, as a word of warning…or simply how to surrender to it all without losing spirit.

Camaraderie, with a touch of catharsis.

*HELP SPREAD THE WORD! If you’re reading this and you know crunchy people (you know who, THOSE people) and you’re thinking to yourself “That’s just like SO and SO, they post stuff on Facebook about cloth diapers, their husband says the same stuff” etc., then they need to know about this blog, and you can SHARE it with them! It will bring joy into their lives, and what better Christmas gift than joy?


Week 1 – The Dire Effects of my Wife’s Digression into the Crunchy Lifestyle