Objects: Liquid Light

Not actually sure what these are, but I have been forced to eat a spoonful here and there. They taste really good which always helps damp down any fears about what it may be made of. Nothing evil could taste so good.

It’s not even clear what they’re for on the bottles so it appears my wife has scribbled some helpful notes on the outside. Otherwise what do you do with the Yummy Yarrow?

ME: “Oh ouch, I just broke my leg.”

WIFE: “Put some Yummy Yarrow on it!”

ME: “Amazing, it’s totally healed! Thank you Yummy Yarrow!”*

Actually now that I look closer at the picture I can see that there are some notes scribbled on the side of that one as well…I guess I could just go look to see what it says. Hang on…

It says ‘fever & upset stomach.’

I guess that sounds about right.



*not a true story