Objects: Diatomaceous Earth

I eat some of this stuff every day now, mixed in with OJ and grapefruit seed extract. Apparently it’s so small that the bugs inside you eat it and it cuts their stomachs open. And then they die.

These would be bad bugs.
I have some concern for my own stomach but apparently it’s not your stomach you have to worry about, with this stuff you have to be careful not to breath it in as it (supposedly) can cause lung cancer because they’re so dang small.
So picture me holding my breath as I try to close that zip-lock, and with the little grit being in the lock, unable to do so in the time allotted by my lungs…and keep in mind I can hold my breath a really, really long time.  Like once I went almost four minutes.  But then it’s harder to hold your breath when you’re frustrated, frustrated by a zip-lock zipper that won’t seal deadly carcinogens away from the air and when all you wanted in the first place was just a dang cup of OJ.
I hate stomach bugs.